For more than 20 years adidas has been pioneering change in sustainability.
Adidas was the first to bring environmental innovations into the mass market and led the industry with its first sustainability report.
Adidas has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) every year since its inception in 1999.
We are also a founding member of game-changing initiatives such as Better Cotton, Leather Working Group, and Fair Labor Association.
The sustainability in our products is one of the greatest expression of our goal “Through sport we have the power to change lives.
Because if we don’t protect the Earth, we won’t soon have space for sports.
For more than 70 years, adidas has taught valuable lessons from life in sports.
Lessons about winning and losing and adapting to the needs of our athletes but most importantly we learned to support all of our athletes when the odds build up against them.
The current state of the world may initially cause many of us to feel defeated and question the effect we could have.
Climate change, pollution, plastic waste, water pollution, you name it, it’s wreaking havoc on our planet.
But our mindset of providing support when an athlete is in limbo and finding new ways to win together is what drives us as a company to be a better company.
Adidas and its production capacity
While Adidas has raised environmental standards across our own sites and in our supply chain and products.
The change is greater than us.
Sustainable products are no longer a niche for adidas niche brands.
It has become an expected standard of how every company handles its business.
As a big company, Adidas, we make a big impact in whatever action we take.
This is why we are talking not only to help our clients understand why they care but our industry as well.
The reason we are at adidas is that as a large company we have strength in our industry that exceeds the amount of products we produce.
We have a great voice and we sit in the right places and actively engage our athletes with them.
This gives us a better chance to change the industry.
The company’s ability to recycle products
Each of these projects brought together hundreds of people into Adidas.

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